Rambling pix, made on the way to somewhere else, collected together in sets over the last few years.

The most recent stuff is at the top, so as you work down the page the pix get worse and worse because a photographer's most recent pix are always the best.

At some distant point in the future my pix will be genius and the smart alecs amongst you can go, "well, you can see how all these celebrated themes developed in Jawed's work over the years, the stops and starts, the retracements and the swirling loops of confusion - and at the same time the work bears witness to urban dissolution and layers of greed that multiply and grow ever finer and multifarious while people all around get older and wiser."

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Gary's idea of my best pix from 2003.


Gary, true Brit, documented.


My idea of the best pix from 2002.  Perhaps I was a bit hasty, eh?





Twins - The Sequel

After the beautiful collaboration that was the original Twins, we thought we'd chance it one more time.


Courtesy of Toshio Fuji I spent ages wandering around this area of Tokyo.  He gave me permission to post some pictures I took there.  This is the most lop-sided collaboration imaginable, he did 99.9999% of the work I just came along one day....

The Guitar Player

Tina and her merry band of 79 helper painters have been at it again, this time with Vermeer's The Guitar Player which you can see at Kenwood House.  The more delicate artistry required for the fiddly bits meant that I spent ages on my square, so I didn't take many pictures.


Gary and I needed some time out, a diversion, from taking pix.  So we decided to make stupid pix together as we ambled along.  "Isn't that what you normally do?", you ask.  Hmm, you have a point there.

What we didn't realise is that we'd end up making some cool collaborative pix.  Well, we think they're cool.

A Satyr Mourning Over a Nymph

I got my hands mucky with oil paint when Tina invited me along to join in painting a square in a recreation of Piero di Cosimo's painting.  I did a writhing impastoed mass of hair on the satyr's head, rather good I thought, along with one of his horns and some sky.  Oil paint's groovy stuff.  Maybe I should drop the camera and take up painting?

Light Square

Gary and I froze our nuts off making these pix, trying to kill time before pootling along to the opening night of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre's Christmas exhibition, a few years ago.






Hours of beautiful noise in a European collaboration.

Deano and Phillipa

An engagement party specially put on to entertain hundreds of kids and their associated paroids.

Dev and Tuku

Dev was determined to arrive at his wedding by skateboard...






Multi-million selling, award-winning photographer to the stars of street furniture design.


Currently in suspended animation.


Dithers like a champion.  Toy cameras or 8x10 large format?  Black and white or colour?  People or plants?  The list goes on.


Needs to stop thinking and take more pix.


Performer, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor.




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